BC Reads! program promotes cross-discipline education and offers scholarships

Listening is an Act of Love (SOURCE:http://shop.npr.org/images/products/10097)
Listening is an Act of Love (SOURCE:http://shop.npr.org/)

Now at http://www.thejibsheet.com, click on the BC Reads! tab to hear stories and join in what students and faculty across campus are saying about “Listening Is an Act of Love: A Celebration of American Life from the StoryCorps Project”.

Since 2003, the StoryCorps Project has invited over 60,000 people to share their powerful life stories of joy, sadness, courage, and despair. “Listening Is an Act of Love” is a handpicked selection of these stories chosen by StoryCorps’ founder and acclaimed radio producer David Isay.

BC Reads! is a program that brings interested students and faculty members together to read the same book. For nine years now, the BC Reads Selection Committee reads about eight books a year and decides upon one that can be utilized in most classrooms whether it’s science, English, anthropology, sociology, psychology, or any other course offered here at BC.

The goals of the program are to strengthen literary practices, drive intellectual self-confidence and involvement, and to integrate the material into classes as well as campus events.

“This book particularly, people really relate to because it is peoples stories,” says Susan Cox, instructor of sociology at BC, about “Listening Is an Act of Love”. Cox incorporated the book into a project that gave students the chance to connect the stories in the book to the class by having them create interviews like those in the book.

Arline Davis, English instructor at BC, has also used this year’s BC Reads! selection, as well as past picks, in her classroom. “They [the students] talk about how one of the stories that they read really relates to something in their own lives and it really opens people up to talk about things that are important to them and things that happened to them.” Davis also uses the books in her developmental classes and feels that it is important that she can use that same material in her higher-level classes.

February 14 marked the Ninth Annual BC Reads! Scholarship Awards, which provides two $1,000 scholarships to students who submitted presentations based on the book’s themes.

To apply you must read the book, create an original presentation that addresses the book’s themes, and then have your presentation endorsed by a faculty member.

Although this year’s awards have passed, the BC Reads! Program will continue with a new book and another scholarship opportunity in the 2011-12 year. If you are interested in submitting a project for next year or want to read, “Listening Is an Act of Love”, visit the LMC in the D126 to get the book and start on a project.

The opportunity to get involved with “Listening Is an Act of Love” is not over yet. Check out the Jibsheet’s website and listen to other students experiences, favorite parts of the book, and share stories or contact us and have your own interview done.