BC Reads scholarship opportunity

200px-Deep_EconomyEach year, the Bellevue College Library Media Center invites students to read together and potentially win one of two $1000 scholarships.

For winter 2013, the BC Reads! selection commitee (consisting of Librarian Wilma Dougherty, Lee Buxton, Arline Davis and Angela Hildre) chose “Deep Economy: The Weath of Communities and the Durable Future by Bill McKibben. According to the LMC website, McKibben is “one of the greatest environmental writers and activists in the United States.”

To enter the scholarship contest, students must read “Deep Economy” and then produce a creative project or presentation which explores the themes of the book. Submissions can be technological, political, literary, social, cultural, economic, historical or artistic in nature. After completing their project, a faculty member must look at the project and edorse it. Accompanying the presentation should be a brief 100-word statement discussing the project’s connection to “Deep Economy.” The scholarship deadline is Feb. 4, 2013 at the Reference Desk or Circulation Desk in the LMC. The winners will be announced on Feb. 15.

One $1000 scholarship is reserved exclusively for students in a BC developmental English course (an English course beneath English 101), and the other scholarship is up for grabs. Students do not need to be enrolled in an English class to apply.

Visit the LMC in D-126 to learn more.