BC soccer club: Patience’s legacy

PatienceAlain Patience Mizero is the current president of the Bellevue College soccer club. The club was first introduced in spring 2013 and it has since grown from five members to roughly 50 members. “I played since I was little, even before I could walk,” said Mizero. There is no doubt about his passion for the game. However, he never had a chance to play given the fact that he was homeless and living in a shelter in downtown Seattle.

Being homeless was actually a blessing in disguise as Mizero was able to meet a group of soccer players and joined  Street Soccer Seattle (SSS). This was the beginning of something new. Since then, Mizero represented SSS in  national games against many other cities such as Street Soccer New York, Street Soccer Minneapolis and Street Soccer San Francisco. He even represented the USA in the Homeless World Cup held in Mexico where he played against other countries such as England, Brazil and Finland. The U.S. team Mizero played for placed 20th out of the 50 countries who participated.

After touring all around the United States, Mizero moved out of the shelter, and downtown Seattle, and is now settled in Bellevue. BC  had a soccer team, but not a soccer club where everybody could have fun and play soccer and so , the BC soccer club was born. “Through this club, students are able to meet new people, have fun, make use of their free time and to basically play soccer,” said Mizero. The club plays every Friday from 3-6 p.m. in Robinswood Park, and sometimes in the school gym as well. “I want to share my experience and my talent with those around me,” said Mizero.

Sadly this quarter is Mizero’s last at BC as he is moving on to pursue his computer science major at the University of Washington where he will continue sharing his passion with those around him. Before leaving, Mizero wants people to know more about his club and he wants to see it grow. He will be passing the torch to someone else and hopes that the flame will keep burning. Due to the support from the Associated Student Government, the club is getting new equipment like cones, gloves and goalposts. A vision Mizero sees for his club in the future is having the members of his club joining and playing in league games. There are many opportunities to do so at Robinswood Park as there are plenty of competitions.

The club will keep going, despite the fact that it is the winter season. “Even if it is getting cold, or it rains or snows, it doesn’t matter. We will be in Robinswood enjoying the game we love,” said Mizero. If the weather does not allow them to play outdoors, they will be playing somewhere else, like the school gym or other indoor fields. “Soccer never stops,” said Mizero.