BC student wins NWAC golf tournament

The Bellevue College golf team took second place at the NWAC Golf Championships from May 21 – 22 at the Home Course in DuPont, Washington. BC sophomore Isaac Hall won the NWAC individual championship.

“It felt great to win especially at the most opportune moment. Playing consistently for two days is always a joy, but it was even better keeping it in the 60s two days in a row,” said Isaac Hall. He finished eight-under par, winning the championship by two strokes. After taking the first-place individual title, Hall will be leaving BC and going to Concordia University next fall. “Everybody talks about peaking in your performance during championship season and to say that I did what everyone wants to do makes it feel that much better,” said Hall.

“It was exciting to see Isaac Hall win the NWAC tournament, said Keith Mickle, head golf coach. “He has worked very hard practicing and training these past two years to improve his game where he could have a chance at winning every week. So, it was wonderful to see all of his hard work payoff in the biggest tournament of the year, especially for his first individual win.”

“The team this year was made up of several different personalities that somehow meshed,” said Hall. “We all came from different backgrounds, but we all shared the common goal of wanting to win and reach our maximum potential. I have never been surrounded by so many people that want to be better. No one was ever satisfied, there was always room for improvement.”

The team practiced hard for the championship, working together to improve their skills as much as they could. “Everyone on our team put countless hours in at the range and seeing everyone develop into mature golfers was a big motivator for me to positively work on my game with a group of friends that all shared one common goal: To be better,” said Hall.

“The team was so close to winning the tournament,” said Mickle about the second-place win. We were only three shots back after the first round, however we could only get back one on the day, finishing two strokes behind North Idaho,” said Mickle. “However, North Idaho had two of their players birdie the final hole to give them the win, so it was well played over all.”

“Winning the biggest tournament of the year right before I transition to the NCAA gives me a lot of confidence moving forward in my golf career,” said Hall.  “As for the team, I loved the support from everyone and the talent we had this year really pushed me to work harder on my game and there is no doubt in my mind that the returners for next year have the skill and confidence to do the same.”

“The strong team finish and individual honors will help motivate the team to continue their strong practice and training efforts,” said Mickle. “The freshmen saw how close we were to winning the NWAC title and that should give them a boost to keep working on their game over the summer.”