BC technology help desk

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The technology help desk at the N Building is in charge of the open lab in N250 and the five other computer labs in the N Building. According to Lexy Bach of the technology help desk, they are “in charge of the equipment [at the Open Lab], protecting the equipment, helping students on how to use the equipment right and helping students to access software programs.” The help desk also provides “basic customer services, answers questions about the N Building, and gives directions to anywhere on the campus.”

The help desk provides technology help with a limit. For more in depth or severe technology problems students should go to the online technology help desk for live chats or tickets for phone calls. The online help desk has their office in the A Building, though they typically do not accept walk-ins. “Mostly, [the help desk in the N Building] help how to find software on the computers, how to get on Photoshop […] and if students have problems with Excel, Word or how to print, that we can help.” They could also provide assistance on personal computers and guide students through their problems, though they usually do not touch students’ personal computers due to liability concerns.

The most common issue the help desk assists with is printing, especially in the beginning of each quarter. “Printing is very simple,” said Lexy Bach. Students simply have to click the print icon on the computer that they’re using, select their format and a specific printer then click print. At each printer is a computer where students will have to log in, select the documents that they have sent to the printer and then print. Each page costs 10 cents, when printing in a computer lab this fee will automatically be deducted from the student’s printing account, which starts with $15 every quarter and can be refilled through the help desk.
Other commonly asked questions and issues are emails and Canvas, especially since the college has been migrating students’ emails to Microsoft 360.

The staff at the help desk is trained at the beginning of each quarter on equipment in the N Building labs, basic software understanding, as well as customer service. According to Jean-Yves Bouani of the help desk, employees at the help desk are mostly students here at BC, while a few are hired from outside of the college. To apply for a position at the help desk, simply go to the BC website and fill out a job application form. There are currently no volunteers at the help desk, though it is possible to apply for a volunteer position. Go to the help desk for more information.

Some students have confused the help desk with tutoring, asking academic questions regarding citations and editing English papers. The help desk is there for technology assistance and cannot provide academic aid. Also, food and drinks as well as phone calls are strictly prohibited in the open labs.

Some of the popular issues brought to the online technology help desk are questions regarding emails, passwords, MyBC, Canvas, phones, forgotten SID and usernames. The online help desk can provide assistance through live chats linked on their BC page, through phone calls at (425)564-HELP or through online tickets where students leave their information and questions. The online help desk will respond to students’ questions either via phone calls or emails to guide students in solving their issues.