BC volleyball’s epic finale and reflection

Time waits for no one, not even the Bellevue College women’s volleyball team. But what time can’t take away is the experience and achievements the great spirited players presented every game and practice. From the first serve to the last player leaving the court and net in silence.

Laura Friar was one of the most renown players of the season. A player with so much experience and that has seen injuries as well as victories talked about what led her on the path towards the championship.

In regards to leadership and stepping up Friar reflected:

“Last year our team was full of freshman so we didn’t have much leadership from older girls. This year we have an equal amount of sophomores and freshmen so us sophomores have had the chance to lead and show the freshmen how the program is run.”

When it came to having any worries about questionable shot at the NWAACC championship Friar commented, “No, there was never a point in the season where I lost confidence in my team. We are the best in the north region and we deserve to be there.”

Culliton reflects on the journey of this season “A lot different. These girls have worked so hard in the off season and my coaching staff and I worked tirelessly to get the quality freshmen that we have to create a more balanced and quality team. Last year we only had one sophomore, so it was more challenging.”

The weight of challenges came calling for the heroic players of the BC volley ball team and they answered with a bang. Walking off the court with an end to the season was not without experience for many; that experience will carry on to the next season. Culliton shares her thoughts “I feel the freshmen have learned a lot from the sophomores this year. I feel like they’re ready to play in the championship game at this point.”

They will also receive all league honors with Friar at the top of the pack as well as players like Krista Groves, Madison Agnew and Kylai Cooley.

It’s hats off to a team that never waivered in stepping forward and shined when the going got tough. Its cheers and a loud last roar to a brilliant season we hope to see again next season.