BC wins gold at NCMPR conference

On Nov. 3-5, the Northwest Region convention of the National Council of Marketing and Public Relations hosted a conference where the Medallion Awards for 2013 were presented. The Medallion Awards set out to recognize the communication achievements at community and technical colleges in the area. Bellevue College belongs to a district with 47 other schools from Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington state, Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Yukon Territory, all of whom were present at the conference earlier this month.

Of all the participants, BC won the most awards, bringing home a total of six Medallion Awards. BC Director of Communications Bart Becker sent out an email to the BC faculty announcing the school’s success at the conference. The email detailed the NCMPR conference, the Medallion Awards, the team members and all the awards won. Becker described “it is a terrific achievement by my own team: notably senior graphic designer Robyn Bell-Bangerter and publications manager Sharon Berg and our partners on projects with the BC Foundation (Paul Feavel), BAS programs (Leslie Heizer Newquist) and Student Programs (Faisal Jaswal).”

The awards won include gold medals for the Fountain Plaza Commemorative Bricks (fundraising campaign or project) and BC Facts (brochure with three or more colors) projects;  silver medals for the Science Café (logo design), BAS (recruitment campaign) and Welcome to BC (viewbook) programs and a bronze for  the  Congratulations Grads Postcard (nifty thrifty/bang for your buck) project.

Although the communications team did not expect to win, Becker explained that “Excellence and innovation are hallmarks of Bellevue College in all areas. The Medallions are a terrific validation of our conviction that we have assembled a top creative team of professionals in communications, marketing and graphic design.”

Senior graphic designer Robyn Bell-Bangerter and the publications manager Sharon Berg contributed to all of the projects. However, Bell-Bangerter said that, “All of these projects were collaborative efforts with other college personnel outside the Creative Services department.”

Berg was the only team member to attend the conference, said that “Of all six winners, the one that I received the most praise and inquiry about from the representatives from other schools was the BC Facts booklet. Its small size is unique and its content makes it adaptable for many audiences.”

Assistant Dean of Student Programs, Faisal Jaswal, commended Becker and his entire team on their success, “Sharon, Robyn, Diane, Bart and others did the best work any professional in their field could do[…] and it shows not only in the value it brings the college but as recognition by others in their field. Congratulations to them, and Bart!”