BC Women’s Soccer stays steady

With spring quarter coming to a quick close and summer looming ahead, the Bellevue College Women’s soccer team is starting to prep for their upcoming season. With the season beginning on August 12 and the first game on August 27, the team is hard at work.

Head Coach Kiko Magana is looking forward to his first season as head coach. He has been on board with Bellevue College for two years, previously the assistant coach for both men and women’s teams. He signed on as Bellevue College’s women’s team head coach in December of 2012. For the upcoming season, Magana said, “We hope to win Peninsula. That’s always a big game. We would really like to beat them… It’d be fantastic.”

Currently for the team, it is a sort of “off” season until August 12. Right now, they are in a six week process of working towards being ready for the start of their playing season. The girls are training three to five times a week. Their main focuses revolve around training areas such as strength, technical, overall fitness, and lifting weights.

In the middle of April as a part of their training, the BC Women’s soccer team played against Evergreen College. They lost 2-0, but Magana said, “I’m still really pleased with how they played. They played really well.”

The team still has a month until they start their playing season, and Magana already has a few things in mind that the team can work on to guarantee a successful year for the team.

“We always have room to improve playing style. On top of that, it’s my first year being head coach so they’re going to have to adapt to a new coaching style and a different culture on the team,” said Magana.

As well as having goals for his first year as head coach for the women’s team, Magana has personal goals revolving the team for himself.

“I want the whole team to be able to maintain a GPA of at least 3.0. I also want the games to always be competitive driven, no matter how well we’re playing or what the score is,” Magana said.

For right now, the BC Women’s soccer team is working to be fully prepared for their playing season, so you won’t see them playing games for a little while. The first game will be August 27, 2013.