BCC’s jazz talent booms out to Seattle

Written by: Emma Sargeant
Egan’s Jam House in Ballard on Wednesday, June 24, had drum beats racketing out to the streets luring the cool jazz kids into the venue. Egan’s hosted the John Teedle quintet, featuring a smooth sax and trombone blowing beats with the inspiration of Miles Davis, piano, drums, and double bass. The players formed their ensemble with jazz students from BCC to play original tunes written by the sax man himself, John Teedle. The young group demonstrated their immense passion to their music with such intensity; the drummer expressed a somewhat orgasmic experience as he delicately stroked the drumsticks against the leather to enhance the cool ambiance of Teedle’s Firebird. Egan’s Jam House which is located on Market Street, invites music lovers to wander into the dim venue, decorated with curtains and red hues, lighting musicians in shades of green, red and gold. Acoustics are strong and clear, stronger against the sound of the clambering of plates and cutlery, as the audience enjoys tapas of olives, antipasto and hummus to sober up the devoured wines and cocktails. The ensemble snatched the attention of the audience from the distracting server and enticing menu of martinis. John Teedle, who originated the quintet for a few shows made a point of demonstrating his confidence of have full power on the saxophone. Devin Lowe on bass performed with such a laidback style, his strums filled the room smoothly, melting the ears of listeners. His connection with the drummer, Zach Para, whom he has played with before at the Faire Gallery and Caf