BCC baseball completes 2008 season

Written by: Lisa Henneman
The BCC baseball team began their season on March 1 losing its first two games against Wenatchee Valley. On May 11 the season ended the same way it started, with two losses. In a doubleheader against Douglas at home at Courter Field BCC lost 11-5 and 7-4. A day earlier BCC was up in Queens Park, New Westminster to play Douglas. BCC won both games, 9-1 and 10-2. Finishing with a 26-18 overall record and a 14-10 (.583) record in league play, the 2008 BCC baseball season has wound down to an inevitable end. BCC was the team to beat this year. In 2007 they won the NWAACC championship. In 2008 they finished with an all time low of fourth place in the North region. The team to beat got beat. Bulldog left-hander Chad Mautner has common thoughts with second baseman Marc Schuermeyer in how the season went. Both Mautner and Schuermeyer agreed that, “The season could have gone better.” They also both felt that the outcome was heavily influenced due to the number of injuries that took place throughout the season. Schuermeyer had a first-hand experience with injuries as he suffered a sprained ankle that lasted from the second week of the season all the way to the last game. Nevertheless, the Bulldogs have stacked their statistics full of strikeouts, runs, hits and stolen bases to be proud of. Offensive star Hunter Beaty hit and hit and hit. Throughout the season Beaty was up to the plate a total of 114 times. He had 20 RBI’s, two homeruns and a .351 batting average. The light-footed Bulldog hitter Kyle Laukala dug his cleats into the diamond to steal the highest number of bases of the season at a total of 21. On the defensive end, Brad Reid led the team with a total of 59 innings pitched. Within the many innings, Reid holds an ERA of only 0.76. Beating Reid’s number in strikeouts is Stephen Foster. When at the mound a total of 58 innings, Foster struck out 62 would-be hitters. Every season of most sports close with recognition of certain players that stood out as leaders in positions of skill as well as respect. The team put in their votes for players who deserved the title of Most Valuable Player, Most Inspirational, Silver Bat (overall best hitter) and the Golden Glove (best fielder). Claimer of the MVP is Reid for his confidence on the mound. The Golden Glove belongs to Brett Dvorak for his outfield play. Most Inspirational belongs to Foster.