BCC faces major state funding cuts

By Elizabeth Ballinger

Following an Oct. 7 governor’s announcement of across the board budget reductions for state agencies, BCC will be hit by a projected budget cut of $838,000 for the 2008-09 fiscal year. Because this is the first time since the early 90s for a budget cut to be sliced during the middle of the college’s 2-year (biennial) budget period, the BCC president’s staff is organizing a strategy to reduce spending and increase revenue now in anticipation of both this year’s cut and projected reductions for the 2009-11 period of 2-3 times that size.

“We got half-way through this biennium and were then told we wouldn’t have enough money to finish this year,” said BCC President Jean Floten. Quoting her Opening Day speech, Floten said that with the previous estimate of $300,000, the budget cut could have been handled with some