BCC Foundation Board elects new president

Written by: Adam Magnoni
The BCC Foundation has chosen itself a new board president, Peter Adler. Adler has served on the board since 2006 and has previously held the chairs of both the boards Development and Strategic Planning committees. Along with his commitment to the BCC Foundation, Adler is the Senior Vice-President of PeaceHealth, a Bellevue-based organization, and CEO of its subsidiary Health Ventures. PeaceHealth is a single not-for-profit organization that has been providing health care to communities in the Pacific Northwest, and now in Oregon as well as Alaska, since 1890. It has a hand in operating six hospitals that encompasses medical groups, chemical dependency programs and health care joint ventures. The BCC Foundation is a non-profit outfit that was established in 1978 to raise money so as to enhance the opportunities for BCC and its students. The foundation provides funding for scholarships, program upgrading, and a many number of special projects at BCC. This is achieved through a combination of individual, foundation and corporate donations. To date, the foundation holds assets of $4.3 million and has helped to raise more than $20 million on behalf of Bellevue Community College. The BCC Foundation held its 9th annual fundraising luncheon earlier this year and was successful in reaching its goal of $250,000. BCC graduates Janell Lewis and Sergey Smirnov addressed the crowd on behalf of the student body. Both were recipients of foundation scholarships and gave vivid accounts of their life and academic struggles and how the foundations helped them to overcome to achieve their goals.