BCC Men one-up Everett

By Takumi Torii

The second ranked BCC men’s soccer team defeated Everett Community College 1-0 at home last saturday.

“It wasn’t very good game for us, we never became comfortable,”said Sasha Shefts, Bellevue assistant coach.In the beginning of the game neither team was able to place a shot into the other team’s goal. This would continue for the rest of the half.

Diego Robayo, after kicking a high kick, misses the goal. Kevin Springer, Bellevue keeper, managed to keep the ball out of the goal from a shot from Everett. the ball was kicked while the keeper was playing deep.

Bellevue was good at defense and Drew Torkelson, Bellevue defender dealt with the defense around Bellevue’s penalty area. Everett attempts were made far from the goal, which made them easy to defend.

Gilberto Robayo missed a Free Kick at the goal at 26 minutes in the game. Bellevue kept taking shots at Everett’s goal.

“We were unlucky with finding the back of the net”, said Shefts.

Everett players kept their goal defended in the first half, thanks to good defense of their keeper. However Bellevue had plenty of chances to score. Even shots made by Vini Oliviera were stopped by Everett’s Keeper. Everett also made many attempts on Bellevue’s goal. Both team would leave the first half scoreless.

During half time, Bellevue went over what had caused the scoreless first half. Adam Fenster, Bellevue head coach, said the team had such little desire and that there were a lot of things missing in playing

At 55 minutes Josh Guerreo, Bellvue Foward, kicked the only goal of the game. thsi gave Bellvue a 1-0 lead.

Kevin springer, Bellevue Keeper, provided excellent defense of the goal. As evidenced by the scoreless opponent.Vini Oliveira had several attempts at the goal, but none were successful. Most of them bounced off of the goal, or ended up in the feet of Everett.