BC’s athletic department helps students stay fit

FitnessThumbThere are a number of different classes at Bellevue College for a huge amount of diverse subjects. However, in the confusion of what classes are needed for graduation, some students seem to forget that BC has a strong athletic department. This department includes a plethora of different classes, that all promote a healthy lifestyle while still giving credits.

The classes range from athletic classes like baseball, rock climbing or snowshoeing,  to informational classes including, nutrition, health, and adult fitness development, etc. Each class offers something completely different but all focus on living a healthy lifestyle.

Ray Butler is a tenured faculty member, instructor and program chair for  Health and Physical Education. Butler has a passion for living a healthy life and helps others, especially students, to do the same.  He knows that getting more active really helps students not only get healthier, but that exercising can actually have other effects. “The thing that is cool about a more physically active lifestyle is that it actually extends your day. You sleep more soundly, you get more productive sleep and you have more energy throughout the day than someone who is not exercising,” said Butler.

On campus, there is a full gym for students that are enrolled in a few specific classes where they can go work out whenever they please as long as they visit a certain number of times to pass the class.

This is a smart idea for students because it is cheaper than most gyms, only students can work out there and credit is given for these classes. Students have taken these classes multiple times because of benefits.

Along with just classes, the athletic department also includes a few programs that will award certificates. The first program is the “Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate Program.” This program provides 19 credits which are received from taking a set of classes. Once the program is completed, students receive a certificate which recognizes the ability to work as a personal trainer. Jobs are even offered to students who complete the program. The other program is the “Wilderness Skills Certification Program.” Like the former one, this program also takes 19 credits to complete from a set of classes and provides a certificate in wilderness skills which can help  students get jobs in outdoor or recreational fields.

All credits count as electives for an associate degree. The athletic department has more information on these programs.

Most of these classes only meet once or twice a week and give either one or two credits but it is well worth it. Students can sign up for sports classes, athletic classes or informational classes not only to earn credits towards a degree, but  also to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle.