BC’s cheer squad hires new gymnastics coach from Redmond

BC Cheer's Adam Yaw and Ciara Johnson

Adam Yaw is the new leading force behind the Bellevue College cheer team. Yaw previously coached at the Emerald City Gymnastics Academy in Redmond prior to joining the college’s team, which is also where the squad will be doing some of their practices. Yaw also participated in cheer himself while in attendance at the University of Washington as well as at the University of Hawaii.

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Coach Adam Yaw with Ciara Johnson.


The team will be attending sporting events throughout the season to support their fellow classmates and athletes. Yaw explained that his main goal for the squad this year will be “to really get into stunting and tumbling.” He went on to say that with the process of the cheer squad working on their skills, reaching the goal of more tumbling “will also make it an even better athletic challenge for them.”

Stunting and tumbling is one of the more physically demanding aspects of cheer when compared to the routines and performances done on the ground. Stunting and tumbling consists of a squad member being lofted into the air, performing twists and other aerial stunts, and then being caught by teammates back on the ground.

When it comes to the safety of the cheer team as a whole and as individuals, Yaw is keen.

“Safety is a big thing,” said Yaw, “and it is going to be a main priority throughout the year. I want to make sure that everyone who is involved helps out and is in peak condition.”
The squad’s captain Ciara Johnson also commented on the plans they have in place to keep everyone safe this season.

“Everyone will be trained as a spotter,” said Johnson.“If someone gets hurt it’s not going to be good for any of us.”

To make sure that these safety goals are met, Johnson said that the team needs “a lot of practices and hours spent working on our technique, and on the off chance something does happen, we’ll be working on mats that will break the fall a bit, though I hope we never end up needing them.”

Johnson is looking forward to working under Yaw this year with the cheer squad.

“I’m really excited that we have a new coach,” said Johnson. “I think that coach Yaw will help this team a lot in developing new skills and perfecting old ones. Getting more into stunting and tumbling is going to be a lot of fun too.”

Johnson also hopes her team will rise above the sidelines, becoming more prominent at sporting events.