BC’s radio station on campus

A lot of us might not have been aware that Bellevue College has a radio station on campus, but they are in fact, very active and popular in Bellevue as well as the surrounding regions. 91.3 KBCS FM is licensed to BC and has been around since 1973, when students demanded their own radio station. Since then, the radio station has grown. A diverse amount of musical genres are played at 91.3 KBCS. They target a wide variety of music lovers by playing jazz, world music, Americana, reggae, blues, folk and much more. The station also frequently hosts interviews, plays the daily news and records local bands. A large portion of the people at KBCS volunteers from all over the community, or students at BC. The radio station relies heavily on the dedication of the volunteers as well as the talents and efforts of emerging, undiscovered artists. Whalen believes that it’s difficult to get the word out about the station because BC is mostly a two year college and people are constantly graduating and enrolling. It is very easy to get involved at the radio station if you are interested in local journalism majors, or interested to join.