BC’s scholar in residence

meet&greetLiu Yi is visiting Bellevue College from Donghua University in Shanghai, China. She is the beneficiary of a one- year scholarship from the Chinese government. Yi has quite a resume; she first received her Bachelor’s degree in Administrative Management at Shanghai University in 1997. She then transferred to Donghua University, where she received her master’s in Philosophy with a concentration in Philosophy of Science and Technology in 2004. She then received her Ph.D in Philosophy of Business Management with a concentration in Enterprise Crisis Management. in addition to educational achievement, Yi has also led multiple research projects, has received numerous academic awards, and has published a benumbed of scholarly articles and books within her realm of expertise.
As of right now, Yi holds the position of deputy director of the Department of Public management at Donghua University. Many teachers and students showed up for the meet and greet on Wednesday, in which they were eager to get to know Yi and ask her questions about scholarships and her experiences. The meet and greet took place on Wednesday, April 23 from 1:30 – 2:30 p.m. in N201