Become Involved With Student Programs


Coming back to school can seem like a fun concept until you find yourself listening to lecture after lecture and end up watching the clock for the entirety of the class. Although escaping campus may seem like a satisfying activity, you should consider the campus activities and programs BC has to offer.

According to the National Survey of Student Engagement, students who participate on campus outside of the classroom are happier with their college experience and are more likely to graduate.

Sometimes it can be intimidating to approach new people without any cause, but the people in student programs are some of the friendliest people I have met. Right above the cafeteria in C212 is Student Programs. Upon entering, the smiling Cathy will greet you at the front desk to the right of the doors. To your left will be the ASG.

If you attended BC last year, you probably saw the campaign posters all around campus, witnessed a debate, and/or attended the ASG Barbeque. Each year, students run for leadership positions and are elected to serve as the student body. This year’s ASG is seeking to fight student apathy regarding student programs, promote global awareness and citizenship, and reach out to students and understand what they are passionate about.

Going beyond the ASG offices is the area for the Office of Student Legislative Affairs (OSLA). They are rallying to pass the Student Trustee bill, which would allow for a student representative on the Board of Trustees for each Community and Technical College in Washington State. OSLA is also attempting to end the rising tuition for students and wants to make financial aid more accessible to all.

In the back part of C212 is Peer to Peer. Chris Johns, the outgoing volunteer coordinator for Peer to Peer, is the guy known for his curly blond hair and seemingly endless supply of student program shirts. He describes Peer to Peer as a program that encourages students to develop leadership skills through mentoring and volunteering. At the beginning of each quarter, Peer to Peer assists in the first three days of school each quarter. Students are encouraged to volunteer and perform duties such as answering questions, managing the bookstore lines and distributing books that were ordered online. Their next event will be the volunteer fair in October. Organizations will come to BC and provide information for students about how to become more involved and volunteer.

Right across from Peer to Peer is the Campus Activities Board. They plan events and have posters distributed throughout the school on the bulletin boards.

At the Open House on Wednesday, numerous clubs lined the walkways. Some examples of clubs include Cards Club, Photography Club, Latin American Culture Club, Computer Science Club and Glow Sticking Club. Last year there were over 90 clubs! The clubs this year are still in the process of rechartering, but you can find information about clubs in Student Programs at the front desk.

Make the most of your experience as a student at BC, both in the classroom and out.