Bellevue College gets inspired for Glee club

The critically acclaimed musical comedy-drama television series “Glee” had spread its influence on Bellevue College students. Bellevue College Glee Club was established in spring 2010 HyunGyu “Sammuel” Kim and Shauny Sion Jang from Korea. Jang is the current president of the club, and for the fall 2012 period, the club meets on Wednesdays from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Two years after its establishment, the club is still active with performances at the end of the quarter’s English Language Institute students’ graduation ceremony. Kim said that the club is as successful as it is right now because of the dedicated members that keep on improving the club.

Jang claimed that she started the club two years ago because she was looking for a singing club at campus, but there weren’t any and thus, she initiated BC Glee. In the beginning, the club had more than 20 active members. However, now, the club has only 15 members who go to the meeting regularly.

Jang said that club members come from various countries because the club advisors’ are instructors of English as a second language. However, there are a few American members in the club. Jang said, “I’m glad to have Trisha and Wendy as the club’s advisors because they’re really passionate and they care about the club members.”

According to Jang, singing is an important part of her life because it is an effective energizer and could also be a stress reliever. “There are lots of students who want to sing and perform and they don’t have the chance unless they’re taking singing classes at school.

The club is a good place for students to express themselves and mingle with new people,” said Jang.

Club member Julia Mak said that she joined BC Glee Club two quarters ago because singing is her hobby. “The club is a great way to have fun, meet new people, just sing and run away from the school work,” said Mak. Mak had previously performed twice with the club, once for the International Night of spring 2012 and for the spring ESL graduation ceremony.

According to Valery Borodina, an international student from Ukraine, the club is a great place to make new friends. Borodina was introduced to the club by one of her professors and advisors for the club, Trisha Brinks. “My teacher Trisha introduced me to the Glee Club and its members about a year ago and I’ve been going to their meetings ever since,” said Borodina.

International student and BC Glee club member Haesoul Yoonjin Lee said, “This club means a lot to me because it was my starting point to gain friends in the U.S.”

Last Friday, BC Glee performed at the ELI graduation party at the Champion’s Theater. The club sang songs such as “Marry You,” “Call Me Maybe,” and “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” To find out more about BC Glee, go on Facebook and type in BC Glee to learn more information about the club and their upcoming events.