Bellevue College UNICEF Club


With over 884 million people suffering from unsafe water and sanitation services, there are 21,000 children that die everyday from preventable causes. Fortunately, the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) has lowered this number to 12,000 since 1990 with the ultimate goal of eliminating this bulky number.

For several years, BC has had a UNICEF club in order to both fundraise and raise awareness for this charity. In October of last fall quarter, International Studies Major Joshua Leung, rechartered this legacy. “Working with UNICEF is important to me. UNICEF can help the most vulnerable people, which is meaningful. I believe that it’s good for the human development and that I can help, so that is why I became the president.”

A couple of upcoming fundraising events are currently being organized: volunteer activities at the Hopelink Bellevue Food Bank and the Tap Water Project.

On Friday, Feb. 24, approximately 30 students from the BC UNICEF club will assist the food bank by sorting food donations. Hopelink has been aiding homeless, low income families, children, seniors, and the disabled and has over 1,000 community action agencies throughout the nation.

The second event being planned is part of the UNICEF Tap Project. Each day 4,100 children die from water-related diseases. During World Water Week, March 19-25, customers dining at restaurants will have the opportunity to donate $1 for the tap water that would typically be provided for free. This optional donation by customers would improve awareness regarding the water related issues in other countries and would also provide UNICEF with funds to provide water and sanitation to children around the world.

The BC UNICEF club is urging restaurants to participate. While only 10 dining facilities in the Seattle area are participating, thousands of restaurants in the United States are currently signed up for this fundraiser. All donations will be directly sent to UNICEF from the restaurants. It is strongly encouraged by the club for restaurants to take interest in this project and visit to learn more.

Club meetings are not regular, but an e-mail is sent out in advance to all on the mailing list regarding the details of upcoming meetings. All who would like to be included in the mailing list should e-mail

While fundraising for UNICEF is on the top of the agenda for the club, Leung shares that the club’s goals include sustainability of the club itself and that those involved will be more sympathetic toward others.

Donations to UNICEF as whole may be made on To donate toward the tap project on a mobile, text TAP to UNICEF (864233), and $10 will be contributed on your behalf to the US Fund for UNICEF.

There are about 60 students who are in the BC UNICEF club, but all are welcomed to join.