Bellevue police add new categories to online crime reporting

On Sept. 15, the Bellevue Police added two new categories of crimes to the online crime reporting system on the Bellevue Police website. Citizens can now report crimes in the categories of identity theft and bias-related crimes, such as harassing phone calls.
The system can be used to report non-emergencies as well as crimes that have already taken place, not for reporting emergencies.
The online crime reporting system allows for a person to immediately submit a police report and print a free copy of the report. The system is reserved for crimes that are non-emergencies, occurred within Bellevue city limits, have no known suspects and did not occur on a state-owned freeway, in which case the State Patrol would be called.
Every report is reviewed, and the submitter is reached out to if further investigation is needed. If there is a known suspect in the event but no emergency, the crime can be reported to the non-emergency crime reporting number 425-577-5656.
In addition to crimes, people can also contribute to the online tip line to report tips related to drugs, abandoned vehicles and to leave traffic complaints.
The new addition of bias-related crime to the system can help Bellevue Police gather more data about such crimes in the community. “I encourage anyone who believes they were a victim of a bias-related event to make a report, either online or in person,” said Police Chief Steve Mylett. “We take bias-related incidents seriously and are committed to fully investigating all reports we receive.”
“Last year, the Bellevue Police took 270 reports of identity theft and 14 reports of malicious harassment. By allowing these crimes as well as bias-related events that might not rise to the level of malicious harassment to be reported online, police officers will have more time to patrol,” according to the City of Bellevue Police website.
The accessibility of online crime reporting in addition to the phone system will allow Bellevue Police to get a better idea of the frequency and details of non-emergency crime in the community, specifically the presence of hate crime in the City of Bellevue.
The Bellevue Police website emphasizes that “the online reporting system should not be used to report crimes in progress,” and that 9-1-1 should be called in the event of any emergency or crime in progress.
In addition to the online crime reporting feature, the Bellevue Police website also offers a link to an online crime map for residents to view the frequency and location of crimes in the City of Bellevue, as well as information on how to help prevent crime in the area. For more information or to report a crime online, visit