Bieber has a new creeper crush

Justin Bieber has his sights on Cole. (SOURCE:
Justin Bieber has his sights on Cole. (SOURCE:

The first time you see them, every detail is bolded, every flaw, perfection. You find yourself looking for them at every turn you make; free time is used on shameless Facebook stalking, and sleep is no longer an option, because you have a crush on someone so amazing your brain just won’t shut down.

If you have ever experienced any of these symptoms, you are going through what is known as ‘the creeper crush’. Sometimes it’s cute, sometimes it gets you where you want to go, but, if you are Justin Bieber, it just makes you the laughing-stalk of everyone who knows you have one.

Cheryl Cole is a famous British singer and songwriter, dancer, and model who has made several top singles in the U.K. Some of which include “3 Words”, “Messy Little Raindrops”, and “Fight For this Love”. She has become a judge on the British singing/talent competition show “The X Factor”, is known as a fashion icon in her country, and has had her pictures flying around the covers of “British Vogue” magazine.

Bieber first laid eyes on her when he performed in Simon Cowell’s “The X Factor”, and upon being asked about Glee, he said he would not perform on the popular series unless they put Cole in his episode. He said ‘Glee’ would be the perfect place to start for Cole to make it big in America, and that when she did; he was going to work with her, no questions asked. She’s a little too old for Bieber, but he doesn’t seem to have a problem with the age difference:

She looks beautiful, but I am not sure she could quite get away with playing a student. It would be great if she played a substitute teacher taking a sabbatical from England or something. Can you imagine how hot Cheryl would look dressed as a school teacher?