Board finalizes president choice

Bellevue College’s Board of Trustees met on Nov. 14 as part of a regularly scheduled session which included the official Board vote to finalize Dr. David Rule’s contract for the position of president of BC.

The document was signed by both Rule and the Board’s chair, Paul Chiles, in front of all present.

The contract had to be formally approved before it could be signed. “I would move that the Board of Community College District Eight approve the contract as negotiated with the presidential candidate,” said Board member Vicky Orrico. To this, no nays were uttered and the motion passed. “I think the ayes have it,” said Chiles.

Board member Steve Miller was not present at the session and therefore unable to vote.

“Steve did chime in. We don’t do proxies but he wanted to make it abundantly clear that he is in support of the actions of the Board,” said Chiles.

Orrico quoted an email sent by Miller to the board: “‘I’m sorry I’m not present to celebrate with you the appointment of Dr. Rule as president of Bellevue College.

I join you in spirit and look forward to working with Dr. Rule and the board, faculty, staff and students to make [BC] the best possible for our students and community.’” “Thank you, Steve,” responded Chiles. “You’re welcome,” responded Orrico.

After the Board motion had passed, Rule was asked to come and sign his contract along with Chiles.

Shortly after 3:30 p.m., Rule officially began his term as president. “Congratulations sir,” said Chiles, while those present applauded.

“I’m absolutely delighted and humbled that you’ve selected me to become the president of the shining star of the Washington system, Bellevue College, and I can’t wait to get up here.

I spent the day up here today and I’m planning many more days, and I’m just really looking forward to looking with you, alongside you. You’ve all made me feel extremely welcome and I’ll see you very soon,” said Rule to more applause.

Human Resources Vice President Cesar Portillo was asked to come before the board to discuss Rule’s contract and to answer any of the Board’s questions if there were any.

“We have engaged in a very collaborative negotiation and we have come to a tentative agreement which we have shared,” said Portillo.

Portillo said he was happy to answer any questions, but, as none were presented by the board, he returned to the audience.

With this board action, the presidential search came to an official conclusion. Chiles asked if there any further comments on the matter, “other than, ‘we’re done?’”

“I really want to emphasize how much I learned from the process,” said Orrico, “and not only just the hiring stuff but I learned so much about our college and things that I was completely unaware of…really just a lot about us. So it was a very enlightening process.” “My only comment would be, we hit the jackpot,” concluded Chiles.