Board of Directors meet at BC

(SOURCE: Bellevue College ASG) Bellevue College ASG Logo
(SOURCE: Bellevue College ASG) Bellevue College ASG Logo

The Board of Directors is comprised of elected student government officials and Associated Student Government members. Their job is to represent student interests by listening to, discussing, and voting on student issues which can include anything from events to funding requests.

Meetings are outlined ahead of time and organized into an agenda which includes a reading of the ASG budget and even a public speaking period.

Funding requests can include anything from covering advertising fees to booking artists and performers. Money amounts are justified by the speaker and then discussed by the board members. From that point it goes to a vote.

In the most recent board meeting the Campus Activities Board requested funding for Sailesh, a performing Hypnotist that had conducted an event last year. I this request, CAB outlined the cost for booking Sailesh as well as how they planned on sharing revenue generated to reimburse the funds requested.

Their request was approved by a vote of five to one, which means that we will be seeing Sailesh sometime in the next few months.
The Bellevue College Club Bash, sponsored by the ASG, was also among the groups seeking fund support. According to James Storbeck, last year’s club bash cost approximately $1800 and this year was projected to be about $1500. The theme for the upcoming bash will be St. Patrick’s Day and will include possible appearance of several leprechauns on campus.

The board lowered the amount granted down to $1300 seeking to eliminate the purchase of T-shirts to promote the event. The amount was awarded on a five to zero vote, with one person abstaining.

Two businesses were also slated to speak at the board meeting.

Green Print is a software company that creates green technology and IT products. The company was looking to bring a green printing program to the college. The printing software would allow users to assess what pages they could print and offer various options to save ink or paper. It also came with an evaluation program that would tell you what it costs per page depending on the hardware being used.

Coeus is a clothing company that is run by students here at Bellevue College which specializes in “skater clothing.” They also promote local performers that have a global message. They wanted to work with the campus and ASG by having a concert which featured local artists.

Both groups were asked to leave contact information with a representative of ASG who would be contacting them.

The Student Senate gave a short presentation of their resolution which was passed by the board unanimously. This means that as of this week, the Bellevue College Student Senate is official. This year will be a test drive to see if the Senate model would be successful.

Their first meeting is February 21 at 5pm.

Students are encouraged to attend Bellevue College Board of Directors meetings. They are on Thursdays at 3:30pm in C103. Meetings are open to the public and people are encouraged to speak or bring issues or concerns before the board as well as respond to items on the agenda.