Bragging rights belong to Bulldogs

By Katie Drahos.
BCC women’s basketball team wrangled the Olympic rangers last Wednesday with a final score of 89-56. The Bulldogs got the tip and ran the first half, finding passes and shooting accurately. Amanda Harms and Alisha Love, BCC forwards, were particularly outstanding, finding space and making intelligent runs to penetrate their opponent’s defense.
Scoring a total of 46 points in the first half alone, the Bulldogs seemed settled on their home ground. Harms and Love went into the intermission with a total of 11 points each, a performance that BCC coach Brent Hermanson was particularly proud of, for more than the obvious reason.
The Olympic Coach, Paul Felker, happened to be a friend of Coach Hermanson’s wife. “This game is barbeque bragging rights,” said head coach Brent Hermanson, all too aware of the taunting he would receive if his team lost. It was a relief to see his team finish the first half in the lead, 46-26.
However, the way BCC played in the second half, it seemed as though Hermanson wanted the Bulldogs to not hold back and attack their opponents. They need to put more effort; we seem to be just going through the motions. We just need to continue to play better,” the glory-hungry coach said at halftime.
It was Alisha love that stood out as having a stellar game, being the Bulldogs leading scorer with 20 points and nine rebounds. Love dominated the court, and Olympic struggled to deal with her intelligent movement. With five assists, Kaneshia Brooks was the leader in assists; her ball movement and good eye gave the ladies many opportunities to score.
Ending the game 89-56, the Bulldogs maintained a comfortable lead throughout. While many players stood out, the BCC ladies basketball team proved that they work as an efficient unit, and have earned coach Hermanson the right to taunt a family friend.