Brandy Pickering: Drawing upon stories for sketches

Brandy Pickering: Photo courtesy of
Brandy Pickering: Photo courtesy of

Brandy Pickering is an 18 year old attending Bellevue College with hopes of majoring in art. She composes dramatic sketches as is if it was second-nature, and her specialty is Devine Art. Ever since she could use a pencil; she knew her dream was to become an artist. She hopes to transfer to UW after completing her time at BC.

1. What made you decide to become an artist?

Well, ever since I could hold a pencil I’ve been drawing. After doing it for so long as a hobby I just sort of figured it would be the logical option to pursue a career in it.

2. What inspires you to be a better artist?

I look at a lot of other people’s artwork, namely on Deviant Art, and it’s given me a lot to learn from. Everyone has their own style. It just takes a long time to find it. The best way to search for yours is to study how others approach similar tasks and learn to tackle it in your own way.

3. How many years have you studied art for?

I’ve studied it my whole life. I’ve been doing more ‘formal’ drawings the past three years or so– ever since I started going to community colleges.

4. Have many art classes have you taken in your life? How many have you taken at BC?

I took one in high school, three at Green River Community College, and so far two here at Bellevue College.

5. Do you present your art at galleries, competitions, etc?

I have presented my art at one gallery so far: at Green River Community College (Holman library). It was part of my Intermediate Drawing class to set up our own exhibition section in the library gallery.

Brandy Pickering's "In The Forest" Courtesy of Pickering
Brandy Pickering's "In The Forest" Courtesy of Pickering

6.Have you won any recognitions for your art?

I won some ribbons at the King County fair for my drawings/paintings when I was younger, and I got a Daily Deviation online for one of my sculptures.

7. Have your art been featured on print, online?

On Deviant Art I had one of my works featured as a Daily Deviation, but that’s it. I’m very honored that they chose one of my creations to display for the world.

8. Do you plan to major in art? Why? Where do you want to go to school after finishing here at BC? What are your future goals?

I plan to major in art, yes. I have always loved drawing and creating in general, so choosing a career in that field just seems natural to me. After Bellevue College I hope to transfer to UW to study art more. It is likely I will take painting and traditional media there; however I hope to work as a Game Designer or Concept Artist later on.

9. Who is your favorite artist?

My favorite artist… that’s a tough one. Lately, I’ve been re-inspired by Stephen Gammell. He’s a lesser known artist who illustrated the Scary Stories books– but his ink drawings are just plain awesome. Without being too specific, though, I really just admire anyone who can draw the human figure in perfect proportion. It’s something I strive to achieve someday… We all have dreams.

10. Are you working on any big projects regarding art at the moment?

I don’t have any major projects in the works right now, but I did just finish illustrating a Children’s Book. It is still in the works, but someday you may see it in print.

11. What other activities do you enjoy doing?

I love writing stories with my friends, and coming up with new ideas to try out in my drawings. Aside from artsy things, I do enjoy playing Video Games and watching movies.

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