Breaking Down College Students & Ways They Can Help You Succeed

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Although high school is long gone for most of us, that doesn’t mean the types of students we encountered then didn’t also follow us to college.

From the slackers to the overachievers, we will break down the types of students you will typically encounter in a classroom, as well as give tips on how they can actually help you get good grades.

First, let’s start at the top of the educational food chain with the “overachiever.” These are the students that sit in the front row and the ones you want to become friends with. During class discussions, take notes on everything they say. If you are doing a group project, chose them because they usually step up as the leader but make sure you are contributing as much as possible to the project so you don’t lose them as a valuable work partner.

Then there is the “know-it-all.” We all know these people and have encountered them in almost every class we have taken. Hopefully, by now you have mastered a way to tolerate them. Although sometimes they can be difficult to sit next to, they do make excellent study buddies based on their abundant knowledge of the material.

Other great people to become study buddies with are those that get an A for effort and charisma where knowledge may be slightly lacking. These people are good for projects because they will do what you ask to the best of their ability and will make the presentation entertaining in a good way. They also intertwine with the “normal” students who come to class, take notes, do the assignments, simply get the job done and step up as leader when necessary.

The next type of student is one that can be easy to miss but should never be ignored. They are what we call the “quiet ones.” They don’t talk much and are tricky, because either they know the material so well that there is no need for them to speak, or they have no idea what is going on. Spark a conversation with someone that seems to fit this description to get a better idea of if they are a good study buddy or not.

Another type of student that is questionable is the “late comer.” This doesn’t mean they aren’t good students or a good choice for a study buddy, but be careful and don’t rely on them too much for getting stuff done.

Lastly, there are the types of students you should avoid and never become; namely, the “no-show,” the “complainer” and the “slacker/daydreamer.” Stay clear of the no-shows because although they may be present when you have been assigned a project, they may not be present when you are actually working on the project or on presentation day. The complainers usually are those that spend more time complaining then actually doing work. The slackers/daydreamers are the types of students that, if they actually decide to show up for class, usual contradict the saying “there’s no such thing as a stupid question.” They most likely sit in the very back of the classroom and aren’t paying attention 75 percent of the time. Try your best not become these students, and stay clear of the ones who already are. It will not only benefit your GPA, but will lighten your workload at the same time.

Not everyone falls into one of the categories. Some are in multiple, while others might not apply to any. Regardless, this friendly heads-up will help you overcome the challenges that await with every new quarter.