Budget cut rumors ned to stop now-they are not funny

Photo courtesy of http://rcp.roslynschools.org/In%20Production/inproduction-rumors.htm
Photo courtesy of http://rcp.roslynschools.org/In%20Production/inproduction-rumors.htm

Five weeks ago BC was hit with the reality of budget cuts and since then the rumor mill has been working non-stop.

We get it, the budget cuts are going to affect classes, they are threatening staff and faculty jobs, and they are putting some clubs at risk. But this does not mean that anyone can go around campus talking about things they don’t even know for sure will happen.

It is not funny to be walking around campus and hearing things like “Did you know this club is going to get shut down?” Well here is my question: where did you get this information from? It is not funny to be talking about other clubs’ business because in case you haven’t noticed, there are people such as advisors, who have been working for these clubs for years now. Without their clubs they won’t have jobs!

What will advisors do after losing their jobs? Don’t you think they have enough stressing over the fact that they might lose their jobs? They don’t need you to put more pressure on them by spreading unnecessary and immature rumors.  Grow up people; we’re in a college not in high school anymore! And let me ask another question, why do you even care about what is going to happen to other clubs? Focus on your club, focus on doing your work, and let other clubs deal with their own problems you are just wasting your time trashing other clubs.

As for faculty and staff members, many of them have been at BC for many years now, their economic incomes depend on their jobs here at BC, and without their jobs they won’t be able to support themselves of their families. Any person with discretion would know that joking around someone else’s job is not funny, what would you feel if your job was in danger?

And as far as classes go, it is not funny when people say some classes are not going to be offered for the rest of BC’s history, when they have been offered for decades now. I am pretty sure that the school and state would be really dumb if they took important classes in the arts, humanities, math, and science away when they know they are benefiting the state as a whole.

Really people, stop spreading unnecessary immature rumors! They are only freaking people out even more, having the numbers in our school’s budget decreasing is already stressing enough, and we do not need immature people spreading rumors over our jobs, clubs, and classes.

Remember that what goes around comes around, if you are trashing other clubs and spreading rumors; don’t expect other clubs not to trash you back. No one knows what is going to happen after the budget cuts, just wait and see what happens and do your work, enjoy it now because who knows if your job will be affected by budget cuts or not!

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