Bulldog women win 4-1 against EVCC

By Morgan Hodder

The fifth ranked Bellevue Bulldogs win 4-1 against the Everett Trojans in women’s soccer on October 18, Saturday. Coach Frank Lee said it was a good win for the Bellevue Bulldogs. In the first half of the game, Everett’s keeper was getting a workout as the Bulldogs’ made several attempts on their goal. Brandi Prince, Everett’s coach, said that Bellevue outplayed Everett in the first half, while Everett outplayed them in the second half. Few attempts were made on the Bellevue keeper into the game until after half time.

Daniela Gonzalez scored the first goal. By pressuring the defense, Molline Boddy dashed across the field, leaving Everett’s players chasing after her in failure, scoring the second point. Using the same tactic, 38 minutes and 36 seconds into the game Betsi Darling broke away from Everett’s defense and scored the third point. Krista Niklason showed real hustle, scoring the Bulldogs’ final point in the second half of the game.

BCC Bulldogs’ win over the Everett Trojans was earned from their strategy comprised of “pressuring Everett’s defense” as coach Frank Lee said.

Everett women’s soccer coach Brandi Prince said, the Bulldogs “capitalized on Everett’s mistakes.”

EVCC’s team highlighted teamwork, passing to each player to work the ball up the field, while the BCC team in contrast worked to block the opposition while one of the Bulldogs would break away and confront the EVCC goalie.

“We don’t pass, we’re Bellevue!” said Alex Brown, an audience member.

Everett midfielder Becca Muscatell reacts with a slight concussion after receiving a side tackle from one of the Bulldogs in the second half of the game. It was a rough day for Muscatell, who was attacked by a shih-tzu after chasing the ball that rolled off the sidelines.

This is the second game this season between EVCC and BCC women’s soccer, their previous game Bellevue won 4 to nothing. The Bulldogs have increased their standing now to 10-2-3 while the Trojans have spiraled out of control to 1-13-1.