Bulldogs almost give one to the underdog

Men play poorly in the first half but rally to win in overtime

By James Storbeck.
Coming into the game on Wednesday night, the Edmonds Community College Tritons had a league record of 2 — 7, and 2 — 11 overall, making the game appear to be a certain win for the Bulldogs of BCC. The action that took place told a different story, and BCC found that they were losing at halftime only to dig deep, and win the game 71 — 76. “Come and play,” said Coach Jeremy Eggers shortly before the game, “There are no easy games. If you don’t come to play, you’ll lose, regardless of your record. That’s the fun part though- there are too many good teams, and too many good games. If you aren’t ready, you lose.”
As the game began, BCC came out of the gate looking as though they weren’t ready to play, shooting poorly, and getting out-rebounded on both ends for the better part of the first half. The Bulldogs were unable to find open shots for the and when they did, only a handful fell their way. The tempo of the game was slow in the first half, both teams not really giving their all, not