Bulldogs Player Profile: Golf

Merely being on the golf course allows the experienced golfer to better visualize his performance goals.
Merely being on the golf course allows the experienced golfer to better visualize his performance goals.

It requires a tremendous amount of concentration and tedious, detail-oriented hand-eye coordination, but sometimes the sport of golf is overlooked. Some perceive it as lacking the theatrical and produced factor that has Americans obsessed. Without cheerleaders, a stadium full of painted bodies and lots of beer, many people opt out of following the professional rankings or practicing their strokes at the local driving range. The relatively small percentage of dedicated golfers—significantly under the retirement age—remains notably less than the commonly played high school sports, such as basketball and football.

But for those select students who have chosen the game of golf, the focus is aimed at besting personal records and out-strategizing the competition. In other words, the rewards are usually intrinsically emphasized—knowing within oneself that he or she has accomplished something greater than yesterday’s results.

The Bellevue College men’s and women’s golf teams have had many significant feats this autumn with direction from coach Kirk Johanson and assistant coach Darcy Muzzy. During a late September league match in Bremerton, the BC men placed second with a total of 449 points, while the women also came in second for their division with 560 points just behind Spokane. On October 3 and 4 the Bulldogs competed in the NWAACC meet at the Avondale Golf Course in Hayden, Idaho, resulting in fourth place overall for the Bellevue men with an exceptional 308 points credited to experienced players KC Change (9th), Tyler McDougall (12th), Zach Buchanan (17th), Alex Mroz (20th) and P. Coshow (24th). On the women’s side Katherine Seo shot a 184 (28th place) and Marissa Fujimoto shot 191 (34th place) for BC.

After busy weeks of practicing and traveling for tournaments, BC golfers Mroz and Alayna Herring were able to answer some questions about past memories and future ambitions for golf and academics.

Elle Discolo: Please state  your age, high school attended and favorite golf course to play on.

Alex Mroz: 19, Redmond HS; favorite golf course [is] Pacific Dunes.

Alayna Herring: 18; Sammamish High School. Favorite course would have to be Inglewood.

ED: What initially sparked your interest in the sport of golf?

AM: Corey Pavin’s win at the 1995 U.S Open

AH: My parents always played, so I would always go and drive the golf cart and play a couple holes, and that eventually lead to me loving golf.

ED: How long have you been golfing? And where at?

AM: 14 Years, 8 competitive, I play a lot of golf at Bear Creek Country Club.

AH: I’ve been playing for about 10 years doing summer camps at Inglewood, but I didn’t start getting competitive till I started playing freshmen year at my high school.

ED: What’s the primary reason you are playing for the Bulldogs golf team?

AM: To play at a four-year school.

AH: I wasn’t ready to stop playing competitively and it would be awesome if I got a scholarship to a university for golf.

ED: What’s the most important memory you have relating to playing golf?

AM: At Pacific Dunes last year, I was playing with a couple teammates we were on hole 4 and just realizing how much fun and relaxing the game is.

AH: Getting 15th in state my senior year.

ED: Outside of golf, what are your other interests or hobbies?

AM: I play a lot of disc golf, [and] also enjoy reading and long boarding.

AH: I play soccer for the Bulldogs, also.

ED: What would you like to do with your future in education? Are you planning on getting a specific degree?

AM: Yeah, I’m a declared communications major and would like to go on and pursue a career in the radio business.

AH: I’m planning on earning an AA in Science and Arts at BC and then becoming a Vet.

ED: What’s the single most unique thing about you?

AM: I can name all 50 capitols of the United States and every one in South America and Africa.

AH: I’m outgoing and don’t mind putting the extra effort in when needed.