Bulldogs Prepare to Aggresively Defend Previous Autum Titles

Image Courtesy of Google.com
Image Courtesy of Google.com

The start of every new school year also coincides with the return of many familiar faces belonging to coaches and players, in addition to a handful of fresh new names marked on fall sports rosters.
For the fall of 2010, Bellevue College faculty and students can expect great things coming from the athletic fields just outside their classrooms. Long before any students set foot in any classrooms, the Bulldogs have been hard at work, training for their area of expertise, whether it be soccer, volleyball or golf.
Below are some notable changes pertaining to each team and some pointers on what to expect from the various lineups.

Men’s Soccer
–    Head Coach: Sasha Shefts, replacing Adam Fenster who was named 2009 Coach of the Year for NWAACC. Fenster chose to take a coaching position at Evergreen State College where he received his Bachelor’s degree. Shefts played soccer at Seattle Pacific University in the mid 80’s, and has previously coached for Emerald City FC and Holy Names Academy. This will be his fourth year on BC’s athletic staff (assistant coach past three years for both men’s and women’s soccer).
–    Assistant Coaches: Val Seid, returning. Gabe Sturm, newly hired.
–    Previous Record: 2009 NWAACC State Champions; 14-4-4 regular season record.
–    Notes: Shefts knows the general flow of BC’s soccer programs, so expect serious soccer from him and his team. Last year’s impressive record of wins and the prestigious state title are surely something to live up to, but don’t discount the 2010 team out—they can pull it off.

Women’s Soccer
–    Head Coach: Sasha Shefts, replacing Frank Lee, who stepped down from Bellevue soccer on December 1, 2009 to spend more time with his family. Shefts, who is jointly coaching both the Bulldogs men’s and women’s soccer teams this year, has an outstanding 25 years of top-quality coaching to offer the BC program. In addition to his resume, Shefts has claimed seven state-level titles during his years of coaching multiple local teams, including Crossfire and FC Alliance.
–    Assistant Coaches: Michelle Beattie and Gabe Sturm, both newly hired. Replacing Adam Fenster’s assistant position for the women’s team.
–    Previous Record: 2009 Second Round of Playoffs for NWAACC (lost game to Chemeketa Storm); regular season record of 7-5-2, 7-7-2; placed second in NWAACC Western Division final standings.
–    Notes: Expect team to be familiar with Sheft’s coaching style, but give them some time to adjust to many changes made within their coaching staff. Players and coaches may be building a solid base of dependable individuals until positive results are concrete.

Women’s Volleyball
–    Head Coach: Kim Culliton, fifth year with BC volleyball. Earned the Coach of the Year in 2009, and has coached at an array of v-ball clubs in Sumner, Ellensburg and Bellevue. She graduated from Central Washington University in 2002, where she played volleyball for four consecutive years as middle-blocker. Culliton remains involved in various avenues pertaining to her sport, including serving as the Adult Program Director (also Assistant Club Director) for Northwest Volleyball.
–    Assistant Coaches: Angela D’Amelio, returning. Andrew McAlister, returning.
–    Previous Record: The 2009 season produced some enviable results, including placing 5th in the overall standings of the NWAACC Championship Tournament and finishing 1st in the Northern Regional Division.
–    Notes: Without power player, Savannah Feist, who was named to the NWAACC All Tournament Team, the Bulldogs have a bumpier road to navigate through the division standings. Patti Reeves, who was co-captain with Feist and awarded Northen Region MVP as libero, will be greatly missed on the court as well. Returning coach Culliton is the primary means of survival and improvement for the very young, but determined lineup. Don’t expect a state title just yet, but keep your fingers crossed!

Men’s & Women’s Golf
–    Head Coach: Kirk Johanson, returning; named NWAACC Golf Coach of the Year for 2010.
–    Assistant Coach: Darcy Muzzy, returning.
–    Women’s Roster: Three freshmen—Katya Case (Enumclaw), Marissa Fujimoto (Kentridge) and Brittany Martin (Battleground).
–    Men’s Roster: All freshmen and sophomores—John Carey (Kamiak), KC Chang (Jian Guo), Matt Epstein (Monroe), Tyler Collins (Beamer), Brycen Finnie (Kamiak), Alex Mroz (Redmond), Michael Rutledge (Mount Si) and Kevin Shewfelt (Cascade).
–    Previous Record: Men’s NWAACC Golf Championship Tournament 1st place in May of 2010; Men’s Individual NWAACC Golf Championship placed BC’s Carey and Chang tied for 2nd place over two-days of play, respectively shooting (68-74) and (78-64). Bulldog’s Case shot a 159 during the same tournament, that put her in 4th place. As a team, the women concluded play at 8th place overall.
–    Notes: Bellevue’s golf program was renovated and raised from the dust in 2006, and has been improving dramatically over the years from such a sudden addition to the fall sports schedule four years ago. Chang and Carey lead the pack for BC in the autumn, with very decent personal bests, along with female standout, Case. The team surely has talent—look for these three golfers to take the reigns and best their individual scores, while guiding fellow teammates.

Cross Country: Program Cancelled.