Calories lost during sexual activities


Although you all love doing incredible acts to impress your significant other, I doubt you ever thought of how many calories you are burning with each act. I didn’t think so.

It may come to surprise you, but you are actually burning calories by kissing, massaging, even touching. How crazy is that?

The amount of calories you could lose from kissing starts from 68 calories per hour. As little as that sounds, you are actually using a great deal of muscles by puckering up for your significant other. How romantic!

Then there is the undressing to get into that hot steamy bedroom.  8 + calories per hour.  This depends on how aggressive you and your partner are leading into the bedroom. To get into that passionate mood for your significant other, you definitely have to give them a massage.

Depending on how deep your massages are, you lose 80 + calories per hour.  What those massages are great for the deep tissue and circulation!

You will then get into business either by going the full thrust or starting with oral sex.  Of course, you think you would burn more calories in actual sexual intercourse compared to oral sex, yes? Well, you’re right! You lose 144 + calories per hour with sex, and 100 + calories per hour with oral sex.  a great workout you’ve gotten! Oh, but there’s something that would top off this amazing workout, which is also the one activity you would lose the most calories with: making out!

Who would think that making out would burn more calories than sex itself? I sure didn’t! Making out burns 238 + calories per hour. That’s close to an extra 100 calories per hour (if you go at it for that long, of course).

It’s because our mouths have all these different types of muscles, including none other than our tongue. In fact, our tongue is the strongest muscle in our body.  Sure, it might not be as big as our gluteus maximus, but it contains 16 different muscles combined into one body part.

If you want to get the full on workout, make sure you use the condom we are providing you courtesy of Planned Parenthood, or other contraceptives available.

My advice to everyone out there for this coming Valentine’s Day: you don’t have to take your pants off to lose all those calories, just tell your significant other to sit down and get a little tongue action.

Then BAM! 238 calories lost with one hour!

After all, don’t you want to lose a couple of pounds in pleasurable moments to accomplish your New Year’s resolution? I think so!