Campus renovations

Construction area Alyssa Brown / The Watchdog

Several renovations have been occurring across campus since summer quarter. Among these are the renovations of five different external staircases. According to construction project supervisor Will Tribble, the staircases “were deteriorated.” The sets of stairs were replaced with new concrete stairs. “We are waiting on the stainless steel handrails to be installed,” said Tribble. The stainless steel handles are expected to come in a few weeks, but for now there are temporary timber handrails in place. One of these staircases is leading up to the upper level of the C building.

Renovations across from the baseball field
Alyssa Brown / The Watchdog

This renovation began in summer, and will conclude in the next upcoming weeks.

During summer quarter, the power for three of campus’ main buildings was shut down. This was all part of a renovation dealing with “aging infrastructure and switch gear located in the electrical building,” said Tribble. These air switches were replaced with new and improved switch gear. In order to replace the gear, power to buildings A, E and D was shut down. The project was coordinated with the help of Puget Sound Energy, electrical design consultants and a contractor.

The largest project in the works is the repair and improvement of the B building’s second floor, “which we are calling the rise and physics renovation,” said Tribble. This floor of the B building will be used for research and physics, creating both two physics classrooms and a research space. Noise factor would be the main inconvenience to students. The noise level is expected to decrease once construction is nearly complete.

Another campus construction is located at parking lot nine near the baseball field. This space is being used to create phase one of housing on campus and the project is beginning this first week of fall quarter. The building will be a five stories, featuring 350 apartment style rooms. The expected completion date is towards the end of 2018.

“These projects will allow open accessibility to all buildings. In the grand scheme of things, they are a bright positive result of our staff,” said Dexter Johnson, executive director of campus operations.

On the other side of renovations is a new Bellevue College logo being featured on the asphalt at both the main entrance and main exit of campus. This logo will be up and displayed during the first week of fall quarter.
Creating a safer environment is another goal of these campus wide renovations. “Some of the areas have not been remodeled in about 50 years and these renovations will definitely improve student safety. Better stairs, better lighting, safer surfaces, doors that are easier to secure,” according to campus security Sergeant Eric Peterson. More campus construction will occur in the coming months in order to renew the campus.