Can T-Jack carry us to back-to-back titles


With the season underway the Seahawks have been a little shaky. Tavaris Jackson has begun to settle in and appears to be doing so so as the Hawks new starting quarterback.

Jackson is coming over from the Minnesota Vikings, Although Jackson did not put up stellar numbers in his three starts last year in replacement for Favre, the Seahawks believe in his athletic ability.

Management believes that his improving skills under center will help the team win back to back division titles. It can be difficult to find a rhythm with a new team and Tavaris has shown little to get excited about early on in the season.

As most quarterbacks will tell you, it takes time to build a comfort level in which things start feeling natural on the field with a new team and a new system. The coaches need to find what works best for him, to ensure he is firing on all cylinders.

One element of comfort Tavaris should start utilizing more is his old teammate from Minnesota, Sidney Rice. Rice is coming off of a stellar season with the Vikings and has been rewarded with an impressive paycheck from the Hawks. Analyses argue that Sidney Rice has the potential to grow into one of the elite wide receivers in the National Football League.

Tavaris Jackson should enjoy start settling in and find his groove with the Seahawks other threat at wide receiver in the form of Mike Williams. After being out of football for two full seasons, Williams returned last season with the arrival of head coach Pete Carroll (Williams coach at USC). Since Williams return to training camp last season, both the Seahawks and Williams have been more than pleased. With these two weapons that can spread the field and keep the chains moving, Jackson will hopefully put himself in a position to not only find success, but equate his success to that of the teams’.

Another factor that will play into the success of Jackson is our offensive line. The offensive line or how some like to call it the “O line,” is key to Jackson finding comfort while dropping back into the pocket and completing passes. Tom Cable, once the head coach of the Oakland Raiders, was brought in this off season to be the Hawks new offensive line coach.

Right off the bat Cable went to work revamping the O line, which will not only benefit Tavaris, but improve our running game as well. Although its early into the season, the excitement continues to build for season in hopes that the Seahawks can take home another division title this year.

Now it’s time for Jackson to get the Seahawk’s play book down, perfect the routes and last but not least, lead the Hawks to victory.  It’s football time again in the Emerald City!