Can the Seahawks really do it?

The Seattle Seahawks have been one of the biggest stories in the NFL. All the way from before the preseason to now, the Hawks were considered one of the favorites. The hype coming into the season brought even the worst of fair-weather fans back to their old jerseys. Even though the Hawks had some setbacks this year including losing big acquisition Percy Harvin and the offensive line to injuries among other things, the Seahawks have worked past that and still acquired the number one seed in the NFC. With only two home wins away from the Super Bowl, the light at the end of the tunnel has never been brighter.

For the actual chances of getting to the Super Bowl, the chances look pretty good so far. The first game is the rematch against the New Orleans Saints at Century Link Field. Earlier in the season, the Seahawks got a blow-out victory against the Saints which sent a message to the rest of the NFC that the Seahawks were ready to take the playoffs by storm. If the Hawks win against the Saints, they will play against either the Carolina Panthers or division rival San Francisco 49ers.

The Seahawks beat the Panthers in the season opener in Carolina. However, it was a close win that could have gone either way. The Panthers have also been one of the hottest teams in the NFL recently and are a team worth fearing. The Hawks have played the 49ers twice this season. The first was in Seattle where the Hawks won by a large margin, the second was in San Francisco where the Hawks lost a heartbreaker in the final seconds. Both opponents are to be taken seriously and feared, but the Seahawks have the ability to win against either opponent. If the Seahawks get that win, they will have a ticket to the Super Bowl.

There are a number of opponents that the Seahawks could face in the Super Bowl. My prediction is that the Denver Broncos will represent the AFC in the big game. Peyton Manning has been the most dominating player in the AFC, breaking records left and right all season, and has not let up even remotely. While the Broncos have a dominant passing game, the Seahawks have one of the best secondaries in the NFL to counter Denver’s main offensive weapons. The road to the Super Bowl is not an easy one, but the Seahawks got a good head start with their first round bye and first seed position, so they are in the driver’s seat for now.