Care and Communicating

Communication is like exchanging gifts. It is how we develop relationships, form awareness and comprehend the world. It is important to have a clear understanding of how behavior is interpreted by others in order to succeed socially.
Communication as a term encompasses more than words. It is the conveyance of information in any form, from spoken or written language to physical interaction, such as body language and other visual cues.Even pheromones play a role, and are the primary form of communication for some species. Here I choose to focus on human to human interaction, on an individual basis as well as between groups.

“Exchanging gifts” is meant to imply that communication is an inherently good thing. People require social interaction to form functional behaviors and habits. There are several examples of feral children who lived from infancy either completely neglected by their parents or alone or with animals in the wild. Some have managed minor rehabilitation, but they never become fully functional adults. The most successful scarcely master a first language. Even the ability to walk upright might never be achieved. These unfortunate ferals show just how malleable the human psyche is. Socializing while young is necessary for growth and health as defined in Webster’s Dictionary.

Likewise, understanding between individuals and groups can only be maintained through interaction, to collect and incorporate the different experiences of either for the benefit of the other. Each individual is a composite of their environment and the people in their lives. Without other people there is little basis by which to understand oneself. I base my own self image on my understanding of others. Maybe I am incorrect in believing most people do the same, as I certainly wish I could be proud of my ability to stand alone in the world, but I cannot deny the influence of others in my life, on my ego and through my mind.

Solipsism is a form of thought based on the statement “I think therefore I am,” which is interpreted to mean the only thing which can be distinctly proven to exist, is one’s own mind. While there is no way to disprove that assertion, the existence of languages I do not understand is compelling enough for me to accept that I am not alone. I can also accept the fact there are others who have entirely different sets of values. Their beliefs, from the perspective of that intrinsic uncertainty, are as valid as my own.

For people to function together they must be willing to interact, to open doors and exchange ideas. Often information is lost through third parties. When there is disagreement, solutions must be found through direct communication. Occasionally a mediator is useful, but if two entities have no common ground to discuss an issue from, then either there is a total schism between their ways of thought or they are simply too self-centered to concede on any point.
Do not take other people in life for granted. Find others and interact, nourish relationships and collaborate. That ability is all which sets humanity apart from animals.