Celebrating African cultures with food, dancing and fashion

Student performances include dancing, singing and a fashion show that showcased a variety of African styles. David Kook / The Watchdog

On May 26, the African Student Association held their fourth annual Africa Night. The event featured many aspects of African culture.

David Kook / The Watchdog

The ASA provided a range of African cuisine and showcased singing, dancing and rap performances prepared by ASA members. In addition, they held a fashion show which highlighted colorful African patterns. Maureen Ndeani, Bellevue College’s ASA president, said that the event’s purpose was “just to teach people our culture, to share our culture, to show how beautiful Africa is and how diverse it is.” Ndeani continued on to mention that “it’s a continent, so were trying to show people that there are so many countries.

David Kook / The Watchdog

We are so different, yet similar in a way.”

Apart from the events, the ASA has eliminated the gap between Africans and Black-Americans by building community on campus. “Two years ago […] I wouldn’t hang out with my fellow Black-American friends because I wasn’t comfortable,” Ndeani said. “But now, I am completely comfortable and I want to spread it to high schools, to other colleges, worldwide, countrywide, everywhere we can go.” Aside from the ASA’s undertakings at Bellevue College, Ndeani has plans in Africa. She hopes to “establish education, help with clothes, or money for people who can’t get a job easily in Africa, [and create] opportunities to come here and see our culture.”

For those interested in becoming involved with the ASA, Ndeani welcomes everybody to their meetings. She said that “we take everyone, everyone who is interested in learning about us and our culture, everyone is welcome and no one is excluded.”

David Kook / The Watchdog