“Centered” nonprofit

In 2014, University of Washington graduate Eddie Wang started up a nonprofit organization called Sleepless in Seattle, which raised funds to support homeless people. Sleepless in Seattle gained more than it asked for in donations and was able to carry out its “Big Give” in December. The “Big Give” consisted of Sleepless in Seattle employees and volunteers distributing sleeping bags to Seattle’s homeless residents. This year, Wang has started up a nonprofit called Centered.

Centered came about as an extension of ongoing work amongst a group of friends to “raise up the next generation of Jesus-centered leaders.”
Wang claims, “Centered equips you to serve God in your everyday work through the power of story and community.” He said:

“As followers of Jesus, we have one life to answer the singular call to know, love, and serve God.

“There are no sacred and secular splits or Sunday and Monday divides. There is only Jesus—at the center of any- and everything we do—who we live through and for in our churches, our homes, and even our work.”

Centered.org hosts several videos meant to “capture someone in the marketplace who is actively following Jesus.” The website adds two stories monthly, and so far those featured include Jack McMillan, former co-chairman of Nordstrom and former co-owner of the Seattle Seahawks, Jean Barber, vice chairman of Bartell Drugs, and Margo Engberg, founder of Pinkabella Cupcakes.
In February, Centered will feature Mark Canlis, owner of the restaurant Canlis, and Pete Shimer, CFO of Deloitte.

In March, Ed Moy will be featured. Moy is the former director of the US Mint and former special assistant to George W. Bush. Also on the agenda is David Beasely, former governor of South Carolina, and Tamrat Layne, former prime minster of Ethiopia.

Centered also organizes events in order for young adults to learn and network with people in their industry who share their Christian values. The next meetup will be on Feb. 10, with Mark Canlis at his restaurant in Seattle.

“For college students who are curious about faith in general or what it means to live out your faith in your everyday life, Centered is a compelling resource that brings you stories to inspire you and opportunities to meet with friends and mentors who can challenge and equip you,” Wang said. “In my personal life, I’ve found I’ve learned more from people and relationships than any textbook can offer. Centered meetups facilitate relationships with people who can bring out the best in you as you seek to do God’s work in your everyday life.”

In order to stay current with Centered, visit centered.org to sign up for email updates and join their group. Centered also has apps on all major smartphone platforms.

Centered has a limited budget and cannot hire employees, but many internship opportunities are available. To find ways to help them out serve@centered.org.