Clooney, Bullock and some “Gravity”

Many movies have tried to give viewers the illusion of what outer space can truly feel like. However, the movie “Gravity” gives a very realistic view as to what outer space can truly be like. The movie starts with a crew of astronauts doing a repair mission on the Hubble Space Telescope. Leader Matt Kowalski,  (George Clooney) is supervising on all the parts of the repair, while the main character Ryan Stone, (Sandra Bullock) is working on replacing a special part of  the telescope. While the mission goes smoothly for a while, that all changes when they get word that some “Russian debris” is heading their way and may or may not hit  the crew is at.

As it gets closer, it becomes clearer that the debris is very strong and could do serious damage to them.

Stone refused to get back in the shuttle to try and finish what she was installing. The cord that kept her attached was hit which sent her flying into space. She gets saved by Kowalski while the shuttle was hit, killing all other members of the mission. The story commences as both try to find a way back to Earth.

First, this was one of the best movies I have seen this year, if not the best. One of the main parts of this movie was the tone of silence.

Being completely alone is a fear that many have and  fear that the main character tries to embrace as she goes through her journey.

Although there were only two main characters, with a couple others that have only a few minutes of screen time, both main characters were very compelling in different ways. Stone started off very generic, but as her character went through more trials, more of her character was revealed. Every new piece of information leads the viewer to why she decided to go into space in the first place, while making you feel a sense of empathy for her and her past.

However, Kowalski is the seasoned astronaut who is on his last mission. You learn almost everything about this character right from the beginning, while slipping in smaller pieces of information as the plot goes on. He also becomes the voice of reason for Stone in the beginning, trying to help her control herself until she can do it alone.

The story is gripping, it even made me shed a tear at a few key moments. The ending was amazing, with maybe a small scientific inaccuracy, but other than that really good. “Gravity” is a tremendous film that  should nominate both Sandra Bullock  and George Clooney for Best Actress and for Best Supporting Actor.