Confessions of a YouTube beauty video viewer

Beauty guru Blair Fowler, also known as juicystar07 (SOURCE:
Beauty guru Blair Fowler, also known as juicystar07 (SOURCE:

Part I. Introduction

I have to admit watching YouTube beauty videos is my secret pleasure.

I never thought watching people (or Beauty Gurus, as some people would refer to) babbling on and on about a Bath and Body Works Shower Gel or a Maybelline Mascara can be so addictive. That is especially when most of them put on such a tone when they talk, they make you wonder, “Wouldn’t it be causing nuisance to their families if that’s their real tone?”

At first it was just a time killer, a link my friend sent me while we were studying together via MSN. Until one day, before I could realize, it has become something I’d go to every other day. I tried banning myself from watching them and I did succeed, for a mere few days until I get back to my old habit.

There you have it, a brief account of my hidden obsession.

Part II. The confession

As long as this sounds like I am attempting to justify my time spent on watching beauty videos, some of them out there are just really well-made.

Usually they include makeup tutorials, product reviews and tag videos (video responses to a certain “fun” question where the respondent can tag other people and have them respond). When you are sixteen with no knowledge of makeup whatsoever, you ought to find those engaging.

One thing you have to understand is that beauty knowledge is an art, not a science. You may never get the hang of applying makeup even when you know exactly what to do, step-by-step; You may spend endless amounts trying out different beauty products and still can’t find the one that works for you. These ladies who are kind enough to spend time showing you their tricks on doing makeup and paying for products and reviewing them for you simply are the nicest people on earth.

I will have to confess however, that at some point these ladies do annoy me a bit. ( I am obviously not alone. Go on to and you’ll see. It’s a real site.) But then again, with over hundreds thousands of subscribers and having young viewers who are in love with you, sending you your portraits drawn by them, it’s probably hard not to feel good about yourself.

Some of the more popular beauty gurus are also serious beauty addicts. It perhaps shouldn’t be a surprise to see drawers and drawers full (and I do mean full, full) of lipsticks and eyeshadows in their vanities. How do you know that, you may ask. Well let’s just say you can kind of tell when they upload Room Tour videos showing the viewers not only their room, but the ginormous makeup collection they possess.

The more viewers and subscribers the beauty gurus have, the more impact they have on consumers; The more impact they have on consumers, the more companies approaching them with free products for reviews. This started off very well, gurus get to review products without paying for them and viewers get to watch the review before purchase. Things just started taking a downturn when the commercial element in their videos gradually inflates and the videos start to feel more like paid advertisement than genuine sharing of makeup techniques and opinions on products.

That being said, most beauty videos on YouTube still offer honest views and with more and more well-intentioned girls joining the league of beauty gurus, that maybe the reason I can’t seem to quit my addiction…not just yet.