Consumer seasons are here

It seems that every year, the Christmas craze starts earlier and earlier. Halloween candy is placed on the shelves before September is even over, and Valentine’s Day cards are front and center at grocery stores starting on the first day of the new year. I may be exaggerating a little on that one, but let’s face it; consumer seasons are beginning earlier and earlier every year.
Now that the economy is doing a tad better, companies push their products onto us before I believe what is socially acceptable. Here we are in July, and I’m already seeing the most extravagant back-to-school setups I’ve ever seen. The back-to-school consumer season has begun – and much too early.
As a result of the crazy consumer holidays, I literally start thinking about what I’m going to do for people for Christmas months in advance. My Pinterest boards are chock-full of Halloween ideas. It’s uncontrollable, really.
I have quite a few issues with how early consumer seasons start each year. One of them being making me feel as if I have no time. No time to finish Christmas shopping, no time to pick out that perfect Valentine’s Day gift, and no time to make sure I have all of my new notebooks and pencils for school. It stresses me out. Then I let that frustration and stress get to me and a few days later I realize I’m ready for school about a month and a half early.
I think the way that these companies and stores get me is that they put holiday/seasonal product out incredibly early with deals that are slightly better than normal, making me believe that I absolutely need to purchase now or else I’ll end up spending way too much in the future. Just the other day I got suckered into buying pencils because they were three for five dollars. Which is funny, because I got wooden #2 pencils when I’m an avid mechanical pencil user. But because they were on such a spectacular sale, I just had to have them. Right?
One thing that doesn’t stress me out about back-to-school shopping anymore is the fact that I don’t have to shop for new school clothes like I did in high school. In high school, middle school, and elementary school, you really had no choice but to buy new clothes. Either you were growing or fads were changing, and god forbid you are caught in last year’s fashions. Now that I’m in college, I really couldn’t care less about buying new clothes for the new quarter. My everyday outfit for fall quarter is already planned out – yoga pants, a hoodie, and some slippers. So, going to the mall and seeing all the back-to-school deals doesn’t pressure me whatsoever and in the event that I find something that I actually like, it doesn’t hurt to get it for a cheaper price.
For anybody that feels as if they don’t have their stuff together for fall quarter, don’t fret. Neither do the rest of us. But just remember, once school shopping is done, two weeks later it’ll be time to stock the house for Halloween. Don’t forget the Reese’s.