Cool down by finding the best drink in town

Summer is here, and nothing goes better with warm weather than cold drinks. But if you’re tired of ice cream and blended coffee drinks, it’s time to branch out and try something new. Here are the top nine unique beverages in the greater Seattle area.

1. Ca Phe Sua Da – Green Leaf/Pho Bac – International District

The Vietnamese recipe for iced milk coffee uses a filter to drip brewing coffee into a glass of condensed milk. Once finished, the milk and coffee is stirred and served on ice. Look for this beverages at Green Leaf or Pho Bac in the International District.

2. Rootbeer Floats – XXX Rootbeer – Issaquah

Although $6.29 seems a steep price to pay for a rootbeer float, the creations of XXX Rootbeer in Issaquah are worth their figure. Made with an original 1930’s rootbeer recipe, the XXX rootbeer float not only has a great Americana taste but is served in giant proportions.

3. Milkshakes – Scott’s Dairy Freeze – North Bend

Next time you’re on East-bound I-90, consider making the extra trip up to Scott’s Dairy Freeze in North Bend. One of the oldest burger joints on the eastside, the shop has become legendary for their incredible malt milkshakes. It’s well worth the trip.

4. Bubble Tea – Gula Bubble Tea – University District

If you’ve got a craving for some bubble tea, skip the typical franchised bubble tea stand and head up to Gula Bubble Tea in the University District. Unlike most shops that use powders, artificial sweeteners, and MSG, Gula uses real tea and milk to make their bubble tea.

5. Tea – Miro Tea – Ballard.

Miro Tea in Ballard offers an impressive atmosphere and over 100 kinds of tea. The shop has a “tea bar” where large cylinders of different blends are kept heated using wax candles. Not to mention the shop also has scores of dried teas, all of which you can sample before you pick.

6. Mocha – Dilletante Mocha Café – Capitol Hill

The Dilletante Mocha Café takes the mocha to the next level, offering a sinful beverage that seems to have been brewed by the devil himself. The Dilletante mocha is made with the real chocolate that is melted in pots right next to their espresso machine.

7. Chai – All City Coffee – Georgetown

You can find a Chai latte anywhere in Seattle, but of all the coffee shops around All City Coffee seems to have their recipe right on the money. Head down to Georgetown for a chai latte that is earthy, spicy, and aromatic.

8. Kava – Mr. Spot’s Chai House – Ballard

For those of you who don’t know what kava is, it’s the drug-of-choice for former stoners-turned-coffeehouse-rats. Kava is imported from the Western pacific islands and is a natural tranquilizer that is brewed to relax the mind without disrupting mental clarity. The baristas at Mr. Spot’s Chai House in Ballard are masters at infusing kava with just about anything you can put in your mouth.

9. Italian Sodas – Procopio Gelateria – Pike Place Market.

Although the Procopio Gelateria in Pike Place Market specializes in making some of the finest Gelatos outside of Italy, their Italian sodas are also second-to-none.