Crazy Seattle Seahawks fans

When it comes to the Seahawks, the players and the entire state of Washington has every right to be proud for the team. For two straight years they’ve been NFC Champions, have already acquired one Superbowl win, and may very well do it again this year. Sporting jerseys and 12th man pride is exciting but some of the pride is a little extensive.

The pride for the Seattle Seahawks has always kind of been there, but in the past few years it has increased dramatically. Even during off-season, people are wearing Seahawks paraphernalia and buying new decals for vehicles. Having a sense of pride for a hometown team brings everybody together into a tight-knit community and that’s definitely something that the Seahawks have brought here to Washington.

However, my advice is to never post anything slightly negative about the Seahawks on social media because an onslaught of posts will be made. During the incredible game that got the Seahawks the title of NFC Champions again, I made a comment about how bad the team was doing during the first half. I can’t even remember how many times I was called a “bandwagon fan” or a “fake 12.” Instead of calling people bandwagon fans, regardless of whether they are or not, be happy that the Seahawks are receiving as much support that they are. Any form of support should be accepted.

The pride and joy for the Seattle Seahawks is everywhere and it’s wonderful to see. Wear jerseys and hats and be happy for the team. On the flip side, try and refrain from sobbing uncontrollably after games, threatening non-Seahawks fans and painting thirty different variations of the number 12 on your car. It’s a little too much.