Bento Boxes: Japanese Cultural Connection

Bento box. (Source:

When one thinks about packed lunches, a brown paper bag usually comes to mind, but this is not the case for Bento boxes. Bento boxes are a form of art in Japanese culture, and the only materials needed to create this art are selected foods and a box with compartments shaped in caricatures or figures.

Bento boxes go all the way back to the Kamakura Period (1185-1333) when they were used for cooked dried rice. In the 1980’s when the microwave started gaining popularity, Bento boxes regained their popularity and are commonly seen at convenient stores today.

Bento boxes come with compartments that can be filled up in certain ways that make food look colorful, fun and entertaining. The art one creates is simply the reflection of the sugary foods, or simply like the dry food, Bento boxes are a fun way to pack lunches.

Many bento accessories are made for this purpose, they make it possible to take a hard boiled egg and turn it into a fish or flower, one can also use a cookie cutter to create characters or unique shaped forms according to one’s likings.

The art of bento is a fun and healthy way to eat, try competing with your friends or family to see who creates the best bento!

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