Dancing on me: the dance crazes of 2011

Cat Daddy (SOURCE:http://3.bp.blogspot.com)
Cat Daddy (SOURCE:http://3.bp.blogspot.com)

Say hello to the Cat Daddy.

It’s your parent’s Electric Slide meets the Monster Mash.

It has 12,101,945 hits on YouTube and climbing.

To top it off, it’s made by rejects. Literally, the group is called “The Rej3cts”. I forgot to mention that it stars the dancer of all dancers, Chris Brown (sorry, Diddy).

Sounds like a winner.

Throughout our lives, we have witnessed dance crazes. From the Macerena to the Cha Cha Slide, we’ve done them at weddings, school dances, and bar mitzvahs. Those dances can’t compete with the moves of today.

One major factor sets them apart: the Internet.

Recipe for the perfect dance:

3 parts uptempo beat

2 part easy instructions

2 part catchy hook

1 part flashy video

Prep time: 1-7 days, depending on skill level

End Result: Hopefully, a club banger (a song that everyone catches the groove to) will be created and become more infectious than STDs.

Soulja Boy definitely put his stamp on the dance circuit with his hit “Crank Dat” and “Pretty Boy Swag,” but he’s not the only one taking over iTunes.

There’s the New Boyz (Jerkers), Cali Swag District (the dougie freshers), and the Rej3cts (wheel chair stuntin).

First we were Jerking, then they taught us how to dougie, now you have to stack your Krabby patties while you Cat Daddy. Some things aren’t meant to be questioned.

Yes, they have ridiculous titles that make no sense.

Yes, they are shallow content wise.

Yes, they can seem redundant.

But, they are catchy enough to penetrate through all the clutter and Katy Perry that you hear all day, making an impact.

They do give hope to those who want to become instant internet sensations.

All you have to do is make a worthy song and dance. Before you know it, Chris Brown will show up to be in your video.

Don’t forget to pay respect to the Throwbacks (oldies).

“Lean wit it, Rock wit it” Dem Franchize Boys

“Shoulder Lean” Fat Joe

“Laffy Taffy” D4L

“Stanky Leg” GS boy

No one knows where the true inspirations for the dances came from.

{this is where the info from the dancers will come from]

If you think your Cat Daddy game is slacking, try out one of the tutorials on YouTube. I doubt you need to buy a Dancing for Dummies book to grasp these dances.