Spotlight the Black Student Union

February 20, 2011 0

Community, culture, and history. Three words that describe one of student services’ precious gems, the Black Student Union (BSU). With the club’s tagline, “known your history, know your greatness” it […]

Nutrition and Diets to Keep in Shape

February 20, 2011 0

As you play sports, there are certain things you need to improve your skills in athletic performance. There are of course practice and practice and practice, but there are also […]

President Trump?

February 19, 2011 0

Could Donald Trump be running for president? His appearance at the CPAC conference in Washington seems to have stirred quite a few American voters. Could the business tycoon, reality TV […]

Poker: Sport or Not?

February 19, 2011 0

There are many attributes that makes up a sport. The running, the jumping, the skill shots, the technique, and the ability to make millions and millions fans distinguish an athlete […]

The Heat Wave

February 19, 2011 0

Nearly three decades ago, the NBA was a dying organization. No one cared about basketball because it appealed to no one. America was more concerned with the Yankees and Giants. […]

Player Profile: George St-Pierre

February 19, 2011 0

In the world of MMA, everyone knows of the big name champions such as Brock Lesnar, Anderson Silva, Chuck Liddell, or Randy Couture. However, casual fans rarely look to the […]

Golden Standard of Beauty

February 18, 2011 0

It can be found in a triangle, with each angle equal to 90 degrees, or virtually all squares, diamonds, circles and hexagons. Some intellectuals make a good case for its […]

Best Reads: Essential Classics

February 17, 2011 0

The invention of computers, cellphones, and texting has drastically decreased the need for people in America to read novels. It’s just not fun anymore. Reading takes time, concentration, and most […]

Origin of Manga

February 17, 2011 0

Manga, or Japanese comic books, have been becoming more popular every year within regions outside it’s point of origin. Every time I go to my favorite book store I see […]

Food Porn: XXX for your eyes only

February 16, 2011 0

You are in the office alone. You even double check for the fear of getting caught. You go to your computer, and finally open the website you have been waiting […]

BC’s OSLA reintroduces bill into action

February 15, 2011 0

Since 1998, four-year colleges have allowed their students to serve on their board of trustees. Since 2008, Bellevue College’s Office of Legislative Affairs (OSLA) and students have been advocating for […]

Survival Tip: Rebel YELL

February 15, 2011 0

I’m tired of seeing the same bland Bellevue kids walking around with their Starbucks and Jansport backpacks. WHERE IS THE EDGE? This goes out to all the reckless rebels, tattoo […]

Lindsay Lohan Strikes Back

February 15, 2011 0

Lindsay Lohan returns to the spotlight with her new photoshoot, but this time, the studio is a jail and the photo is a mug shot. The former Disney star is […]

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