Dedication and pursuing dreams

Newly transferred music major student Valeri Lopez has just released her newest album of 12 songs which she and her band recorded together. Lopez is studying vocal performance, audio engineering, theory and composition at Bellevue College. Many of the songs Lopez has recorded were written by Lopez herself. As a music major, Lopez is currently taking vocal classes and is in the BC vocal jazz ensemble, “Celebration.”

Lopez’s newest album is called “You Could Be A Real Good Man.” The album is available online at: or at Once on the website, people are able to listen to a free single from the album.

Lopez said that she has been singing for as long as she could remember. Aside from her passion for singing, Lopez is also passionate about playing the guitar. Piano, banjo and mandolin are also some of the other instruments Lopez is adept at playing.

According to Lopez, songwriting is one of the most enjoyable things to do. Lopex mostly unites songs about love. Many of Lopez’s songs have been written based on personal experiences, imagination or her friends’ experiences.

Lopez’s biggest inspirations are Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, The Cure and Feist. Lopez said, “Growing up, I listened to Madonna, Motown. All different kinds of music.” Lopez’s favorite music genres include jazz, classical and old folk. Lopez considers herself a semi-professional singer because she goes on tours and performs at gigs as well as recording her own album. Aside from that, Lopez also sings at weddings and private parties.

In the future, Lopez hopes to have a career in music. Lopez hopes to keep recording and writing songs and possibly record and produce other artists. Lopez’s dream for the future is to be able to tour around the world. For the moment, Lopez is building up her career through performing at gigs. After graduating from BC, Lopez plans to transfer to a conservatory, most likely in the east coast.

As a member of Celebration, Lopez is glad to be able to share her talent in performances. Celebration is going to have its premiere performance Friday, Nov. 2 at 7:30 p.m. at the Carlson Theater. “I think that this choir has so much talent and they’re great people …. I’m happy to be in choir with them,” said Lopez.

Lopez enjoys many aspects in music. Aside from singing, Lopez enjoys acting in musicals. She used to star as Sally Brown in “Snoopy the Musical.”

Lopez is a transfer student from Mount Hood Community College. She transferred to BC because the vocal jazz program at MHCC was closing down and she chose to continue her studies at BC. Lopez can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her. Being a professional singer requires a lot of experience and training and Lopez is already making her way to the top.

Lopez has traveled far and wide over the last few years. She finally has made Washington her home and brought us her talents.