Dr. Tim Jones receives Standford award

Dr. Tim Jones.
Dr. Tim Jones. Alyssa Brown / The Watchdog

Dr. Tim Jones, chair of the Political Science and International Studies programs at Bellevue College was recently recognized by Stanford University for exceptional teaching. Dr. Jones was awarded the certificate for his dedication as an educator and mentor to the future of his students and his community. He was nominated by a previous student, Vanessa Ross, who transferred from Bellevue College to Stanford University per Dr. Jones’s recommendation.

Ross wrote “During my time in college, Tim Jones has been not only an advisor and professor, but also a friend. He supported me as I studied abroad in Italy and even taught me some Italian. I have traveled with him to the Czech Republic and Poland. While there, we went to Auschwitz to learn firsthand about the atrocities of the Holocaust. I have shared festive and somber memories with Tim, all the while being challenged to do better than average, to lead my peers toward success and to never stop learning.”

When students transfer to Stanford, they are asked about a professor that inspired them while they were a student at a community college. Upon entering Stanford, Ross wanted to do something to thank Dr. Jones. “It was a really nice honor,” commented Dr. Jones. “It made me feel appreciated that a school of that caliber would recognize me, but more importantly that student that I got close to felt that way about me.”

“The way I got to know her best was through the Model United Nations Program, so she traveled with me to the Czech Republic, we visited Auschwitz together. I also supported her to go to Italy. We went to New York together a couple of times.” Model United Nations is a year-long program that gives students the opportunity to travel to different countries and learn about international relations, the United Nations and diplomatic skills.

During Ross’s time at Bellevue College, she was looking at Stanford and Yale as possible transfer colleges. Dr. Jones wrote her letter of recommendation and gave her the advice she needed to get into both colleges. She ended up selecting Stanford with the help of Dr. Jones.

“I think I supported her a lot, but I also challenged her,” said Dr. Jones. “I challenged her to be the best she could be and supported her in the process.”

“I think we had a good relationship, laughed a lot, had a good time together,” said Dr. Jones. He went on to say that they trusted each other and had a “combination of challenge and support.”

Dr. Jones mentioned that he had started to feel a bit worn out from teaching and that raising a family at the same time was proving to be difficult. Being a political science teacher during the current political climate was also a strain on him. He said that last quarter was “the first time I’ve ever been tired of teaching.” He realized that the time and energy he puts into teaching is worth it “because they are really helping students, which is the most important part of the job. So it meant a lot.”