Editor’s Letter

By Adam Magnoni.
Greetings Bulldogs, This, our second week of the winter ’09 quarter, is off to a chilly start. I hope you didn’t get caught stuck in that book line as long as I did. Thank goodness your grandmother got you that new sweater you wanted so bad. As you get comfortable with your new teachers and classmates, don’t forget that this week we are also celebrating the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Nationally, we are recognizing this with a “service day.” This means we are not only given a day off to reflect on the value of what Dr. King has done for us as a nation and individuals, but also so that we have a day to follow his lead and give back to the community we are a part of. Dr. King is an icon in our society. The work he devoted his life to has almost outgrown the man as an individual. Because of his accomplishments, we tend to see him as a trailblazer, an organizer and a hero. Let us not forget that he started out a lost confused human like the rest of us. A person like you and I was born into a world that is big and scary, and tends to make absolutely no sense at times. The difference between Dr. King and the majority of us is that he didn’t follow the status quo. He identified a gruesome problem with our society and his life, and dedicated his waking hours to change these problems. It seems that we, as a nation, have nurtured an underlying “me” mentality. With the undeniable rise in popularity of reality television, YouTube and the such, there is a mentality that unless it puts me at the forefront, why work towards